Office Policies


Our office appreciates your promptness in arriving for your child's dental visit. We reserve a specific time for your child according to their dental needs and level of cooperation. Please be aware that after school appointments are limited and in high demand. It may be necessary for your child to miss school for their dental appointment. Dental appointments are typically excused absences from school, and we will gladly provide a school excuse for your child.

We value your time and will do our best to remain on schedule throughout the day.  We do experience the occasional emergency, which may cause delays in our scheduling. We ask for your patience and that you please keep in mind that your child may be the next one needing our extra attention.

Confirmation Policy

It is the policy of our office to confirm all upcoming appointments. You will receive a call one week prior to your child's appointment in an attempt to confirm. If we are unable to reach you, we will require that you call our office back within 48 hours to inform us you will be keeping your appointment. In the event that our office is closed, please leave us a message on our voice mail. If your child's appointment is not confirmed within 48 hours of the appointment time, we will provide you with a cancellation notice via telephone.  We must hear from you by the end of the day or we will need to cancel the said appointment and fill with a child from our waiting list.  All children are important to us and we make every effort to ensure each patient is seen in a timely manner. 

Due to the volume of patients currently on our waiting list, we reserve the right to enforce a $50.00 cancellation fee if cancelled within 24 hours of the original appointment time. We regret having to implement this policy, and do understand that extenuating circumstances often come into play.

Separation Policy

If your child is three years of age or older, please attempt to separate from your child and relax in our reception area while our staff accompanies your child throughout his/her visit. We have observed that most children react more positively when permitted to experience the dental appointment on their own and within an environment specifically designed for children. If at any time your child becomes sad, we will ask you to join your child. After your child's examination, we will review with you any recommendations, suggestions and/or treatment. We do appreciate your help with encouraging their independence. With our attention focused solely on your child, we can observe your child's unbiased level of participation as well as their dental needs.

Check out our FAQ section for more information.  If you still feel uncomfortable, please call us for further options such as an introduction visit.


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