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First Visit

Our office, as well as the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, recommends that a child's first visit to the dentist occur by 12 months of age or with the arrival of the first baby tooth. Dr. Jay encourages parents to take advantage of our FREE "Getting Started Early" dental screening program available to children aged 2 years and under. This program is conducted by a specially trained member of our staff and is intended for healthy children whose parents have no concerns about their child's oral health, not for children who already present with oral probelms. Parents with concerns must be scheduled to see our pediatric dentist for a comprehensive exam. It is our hope that by establishing a dental home for your child at an early age, our pediatric staff will equip you with diet suggestions and tooth brushing positioning techniques that allow you to brush those tiny teeth. Habits can be very difficult to break. An early start to professional dental care will make a world of difference in your child's life. Children with healthy teeth are better rested, have better school attendance, are more focused in class, and tend to participate more fully in school related activities.

We strive to stay on schedule throughout the day. Please remember that each child in our office is an individual and some may require more patience and "TLC" than others. Your child will be given the same attention to detail that sets us apart, all the while enjoying the kid-friendly amenities our office has to share.

Whether you have chosen Pediatric Dentistry of Lewisburg as your child's dental home, or perhaps you've been referred here by your family dentist for specialized care, every "first visit" has been designed with your child's individual needs in mind. We intend to make the first experience in our office a positive one for you and your child. A fun first visit can set the tone for future appointments. The following steps are part of our building blocks towards a cavity free future.

  • We appreciate when you arrive on time for your child's first visit. This will allow you time to complete any necessary paperwork as well as time for your child to "settle in" and play with the toys, enjoy a video game, or see what's new in the fish tank.
  • A member of our staff will accompany you and your child to a private consultation room to review your child's medical history, as well as address any dental concerns you may have.
  • If your child is three years of age or older, please attempt to separate from your child, and relax in our reception area while our staff accompanies your child throughout his/her visit. We have observed that most children react more positively when permitted to experience the dental appointment on their own and within an environment specifically designed for children. If at any time your child becomes sad, we will ask you to join your child. After your child's examination, we will review with you any recommendations, suggestions and/or treatment. We do appreciate your help with encouraging their independence. With our attention focused solely on your child, we can observe your child's unbiased level of participation as well as their dental needs. At this time, if you still feel uncomfortable, please call us for further options such as an introduction visit.
  • Your child's first visit is not only designed to introduce you and your child to our team, but also to conduct a comprehensive exam of your child's oral and facial development. This process will include digital dental x-rays, a cleaning by our dental hygienist, and an exam and treatment planning with Dr. Jay. For those patients who were just seen by their family dentist and were referred here for specialized care, we will COURTESY our fees for the cleaning and x-rays that your child has had in the last six months!
  • Perhaps one of the most significant decisions that we will make during your child's first visit is to determine how to make dental treatment comfortable should your child require additional care (fillings, crowns, extractions or surgery). Our office is equipped to help your child at any level with adjuncts such as nitrous oxide, conscious sedation, or even general anesthesia. Your child's ability to complete such tasks as tooth brushing, taking films, and parental separation will help to determine which adjunct best suits your child. Parents will be given the opportunity to discuss the treatment plan with our staff at the completion of the first visit, as well as answer the questions you may have.

We want every child to be cavity free and will do our best to accomplish this goal by promoting good diet and oral hygiene practices in a way that will be enjoyable for your child. All children have the opportunity to be part of the "No Cavity Club" and receive invitations to annual pizza parties, roller skating, and pool parties. Prepare yourself for a good time with Dr. Jay and his staff.